just to satisfy your burning curiosity.

Who is this fool ?
 ...you may ask.

I am Me. And thank God (if there is such a thing) that I am not you. Maybe you are happy with being you, but I am perfectly content with being the one and only Me. Maybe you are a great person. That's dandy. Glad to know you. But sorry, I won't envy you, and I don't expect you to envy Me.

You can't change Me, only I can. You can try and try and try, but tough luck Mr. Master Sculptor, you will not be able to do it. Save your breath and go work on some other more malleable type. Better still, why not try working on yourself, as I'm sure you have innumerable flaws. I do.

Now, if you are the type who lets others change you, influence you; lets others tell you what is good or bad, ugly or beautiful, smart or really fucking dumb, then I am extremely happy that I am not you.

I am anywhere I want to be, and usually that does not involve a screen. If you are the type who lives attached to a screen (or trying to capture it for a screen), then whenever you go somewhere, you are actually not there, you are in Cyber La La Land. (S Hawking, you are the exception. I guess an incarnation of the Uncertainty Principle., you are) Sometimes I visit CyberLand. Then I leave. Its unfortunate that some people never choose to leave, isn't it?

Do you like writing comments? or Bios? or updating your resume? or posting your pics of how cool, trendy, and fun you are?  Sorry numbnuts, I'm not interested in your vanity, no matter how creative you are with it. You won't get that shit here with Me, instead, I believe you can get it here. Goodbye.


I am not wise. I do not have all the answers, or even several answers, for that matter. I seek, I experience, I shape myself. I do not believe I know everything. If you think you know it all, then are you God? Wouldn't that be a rational definition of God, one who knows the whole truth? But maybe you don't believe in God? Well tell me then, does the Second Law of Thermal Dynamics affect the truths you spout? Or tell me, oh wise one, how have your decisions been influenced by the smell of the morinas in the Kalash Valley? So again, don't try to change me, as I find it highly unlikely that you are God, and so accordingly, the odds are, you're wrong.

I try to think what I want to think. Do you? If you think you do, I doubt it. Its actually incredibly hard due to all the years of programming you've been receiving since birth. But I do recommend trying it, as I've occasionally had some triumphs with it. It'll take a several years, it'll require you to give up your inherent notions of narcissism, to eliminate most of your  usual input devices, and to drop such intangible measurement tools of success, like money. It'll require you to get off your ass and go live in some far flung places, not just a week of debauchery on some tropical beach. It'll require interacting with people you've at best only seen in pictures, and learn their languages and customs. It will probably even include that scuzzy guy you stepped over on the street last weekend. All this so that you can look back at yourself one day and see who you once were from the outside, and see how much of an ignorant fool you had been. When you don't recognize that old self, you are on your way. In the process you will live life beyond what you ever imagined. Maybe then you'll begin to deprogram, and begin thinking for yourself. It may sound hard, but you do only have this one life. Why waste it on amassing trivial plastic goodies and housing an equally petty mindset?  Good luck!

So, in a nut shell, I'm the type of person who doesn't give a rat's ass unless you put the action of rational thought into what you say and do (oh so rare indeed!). I may absorb some of your concepts, after much consideration, but don't think I'll be taking it at face value. And when I say my shit, take it or leave it, that's your right.

Again, don't actively try to debate Me with hopes of changing Me. Its futile.